Guidelines approved by State of Delaware

for reopening Take the Lead

Take the Lead Dance Studio in Hockessin, DE has been approved for reopening our studio by following the guidelines set in place for exercise facilities.  For the safety of students and staff, these guidelines must be followed. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and support.


  • With a fire code capacity of 132, we will follow the 30% allowed by law at below 40 people including instructors, students and staff

  • No spectators will be allowed in the studio. Only students with confirmed appointments will be allowed

  • All common areas will be cleaned and disinfected at least once during the day and at night after the last student has left the building

  • All surfaces that are touched by staff and students will be kept cleaned and disinfected regularly 

  • Restrooms will be cleaned thoroughly with an approved disinfectant no less than every two hours.

  • All instructors, staff, and students will be required to wear face coverings in accordance with the state of emergency orders

  • Signs issued by the State departments of DSHH and DPH in English and Spanish will be posted on the entry door and in the studio citing those orders 

  • Our website will cite any, and all guidelines listed for the public to follow

  • Any walk-ins will be required to follow the cited guidelines

  • Anyone not following the guidelines will not be allowed to remain in the studio

  • Questions about the health and wellness will be asked of each individual as they enter the studio

  • Instructors will perform a daily health check as suggested by the DE Division of Public Health. Additionally, our instructors will be asked to wash/sanitize their hands regularly throughout the day and will adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.

  • Hand sanitizers will be placed in several locations in the studio allowing for ease of use for staff and students

  • Use of credit cards will be encouraged with the POS merchant servant machine cleaned after each use

  • All musical equipment including computers and stereos will be properly cleaned after each use

  • All group classes will be done within the guidelines of social distancing in compliance of the current guidelines 

  • All group classes will be limited in size of no more than 10 people including the instructor

  • All students will practice social distancing of at least 6 feet from any other student/teacher with no touching

  • All private lessons will be done on a separate area of the studio away from group classes with no intermingling

  • The studio will be cordoned off with separate areas for private and group classes

  • Students and instructors will bring their own water bottles

  • We will cover our water cooler and coffee maker in order to prevent unseen usage

  • We will not hold any dance socials where there is a possibility of contact among students, staff, or guests

We are committed to having a safe, healthy environment where we can all pursue

the gift of dance, renew and reinforce friendships and enjoy the benefits

the studio has been able to offer so many of us.



System of Learning

To get the most out of the time and money you invest in your lessons at

Take the Lead, we encourage students to use as many

of the tools of learning we offer. 

Group classes allow you to practice steps repeatedly with a variety of partners. 

Private lessons work on specific techniques and styling

personal to you and your goals. 

Dance socials give you the opportunity to practice in ‘real world’ situations

what you’ve been working on in your private and group classes.




Why Take the Lead?

Parties Every Week
Great Music
Award Winning
Make Friends
Gift Certificates Available

Our Clients Say it Best

"It must be quite a trip for an accomplished dancer to encounter a complete novice; Peter Ennis at the studio has been the soul of patience in teaching a complete beginner like me. The grace and humor with which he has handled my classes are qualities you cannot buy. I may never be a more than a passable dancer, but Peter deserves the credit akin to teaching Baryshnikov … what really measure success is not where you have landed, but how far you have traveled to get there."

--Rita D


Come visit us!

Conveniently located just minutes from PA , MD and NJ.

320 Lantana Drive

Hockessin, DE 19707

Tel: (302) 234-0909

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