Belly Dance ...

... with Zahra Noor

Zahra is available for group, private and semi-private lessons at Take the Lead.

Belly Dance originated in the Middle East, and is considered one of the oldest dance forms in the world. The dance, which uses torso and hip articulations has transformed over the years in
both its social and performance forms.

Belly dance is a low impact dance form, and perfect for any age or experience levels. It helps strengthen the core, increase flexibility and stamina. Belly dance also creates a bonding environment
for participants, and helps boost self-confidence.

In Zahra's beginner level class, she will teach you the basic belly dance moves with a strong emphasis on technique. History and origins of the dance, as well as musical understanding,
also will be taught.

In the intermediate level classes, students will begin to learn the performance aspect of the dance, and more advanced movements.

Belly dance is open to all ages and experience levels. Belly dancing is not just for women-men are welcome too! Belly dancing is perfect for someone looking for a fun way to stay in shape, or
for someone interested in performing this culturally rich art form.

To find out more about the belly dance classes, visit Zahra's website to find out dates and times of classes and other information

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