Group Classes

Group dance classes are a fun way for students to learn how to dance in a cooperative and entertaining manner.


The group classes are ideal for picking up simple steps, learning basic techniques, and getting comfortable with the fundamentals of dancing. Although each class may focus on a particular style of dance, principals learned in one style can be applied in other styles.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we are following all the guidelines set forth by the CDC, including social distancing and wearing face masks. If you are coming in with a partner from the same household, you are allowed to dance with each other. There will be no switching partners. 


Most of the class will be done as solo work for the protection of all students and staff. On a positive note, you will find that the best social and competitive dancers are the ones who have developed balance and control that solo work provides.

Benefits of Group Dance Classes

~ Learn to dance in a comfortable social setting

~ Spend quality time with your partner

~ Meet new people and make friends  

~ Introduction to many different dance styles

~ Master basic patterns and rhythms

~ Gain confidence in leading and following


The monthly schedule is listed on the Calendar page.  Click on the name of the dance to learn what the class is about.  Read the special instructions to see when the class begins and if you can still register for it.  

Our classes range in length from 4 to 8 weeks.  Students can pay as you go for single classes at $15.  Most prefer to sign up in increments of either four week classes for $50, six week classes for $75 or 8 week classes for $95.  For those students who take a lot of group classes, we offer unlimited groups for the whole month for $125.

The simplest way to register for any class is to email us directly Please include what class you'd like to register for and your contact information including a cell phone number.