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A husband's view on not paying for dance lessons

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

This blog is a reprint of a story we read about a husband's view on what he's actually paying for when he takes lessons. it was called, "I Don't Pay for Dance Lessons."

The other day a student told a story about when he was at a party dancing with his wife and someone complimented him and asked if he took lessons. He said, "yes." Then they asked, "'Isn't it really expensive?" His answer was amazing.

He said, "Actually, it really isn't but I don't pay for dance. Personally I never cared all that much about dance. Before starting, I knew absolutely nothing about dancing."

Up until that day my wife convinced me to join her, if you had asked me to salsa, I would have asked if it was mild or spicy. Just a year ago, I thought hustle was something I had to do when I was running late for work.

So if I'm not paying for dance, what am I paying for?

I pay for the moments when I get to hold my wife and watch her smiling back at me.

I pay for the moments that make me forget about all the stress caused by my hectic work schedule.

I pay for the time with friends that I look forward to seeing each week who have become an integral part of my life.

I pay for my fun active lifestyle that makes me feel less guilty about foregoing that gym membership ... again.

I pay for the moments that remind me that anything worth having requries countelss hours of hard work and dedication.

I pay for the times when I'm pushed out of my comfort zone to make me a stronger person.

I pay for the sense of accomplishment that comes with every private and group class.

I pay for the moments of frustration and disappointment that drives me to work harder.

I pay for the reminders that success does not take place overnight.

I pay for the moments when I feel confident in doing something different.

I pay for the moments when I can take the dance floor with my daughter at her wedding and make her proud.

I pay for the times when I don't turn down party invitations.

I pay for the memories i have made and will continue to make with my wife, my friends and the people I have come to know.

I could go on but to keep it short, I don't pay for dance, I pay for all the benefits that I receive simply as a result of dancing.

I am happier, stronger, confident, more determined, less stressed, healthier and have developed lifelong friends because of dancing. From what I have seen so far, I think it's a great investment.

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