The wedding dance can be a very special time for a couple properly prepared or it can be nerve wracking for a couple that simply sways back and forth. With YouTube populated with couples doing intricate routines to song mash-ups, thinking about the first dance can get pretty mind blowing.

Our belief is that the first dance should not be a performance meant to entertain the crowd but, instead an example of how two people can move as one person on the dance floor. We suggest learning how to dance for more than just for the wedding dance song which is about 3 minutes long. Instead, take wedding dance lessons for your marriage. That is forever. Take the time to learn now and the rewards will last decades.

It is actually easier to teach a couple how to dance than it is to teach them a particular dance. When couples give us at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding, we can have them enjoying

the moment for what it is without thinking about what their feet are doing.  

When given enough time before the wedding, we encourage couples to take the Intro to Social Dance class as their first step in learning.  After that, couples may take private lessons to work on their particular song and may take some group classes to cement what they have been practicing. 

We can make the wedding dance as simple or as complex as a couple is looking for. Our main goal is to have them enjoy the time spent together in learning something both will enjoy for years to come.

This fun couple in the video below started their lessons with the Intro to Social Dance class followed by some private lessons. Along the way, they did the Swing, Foxtrot and Rumba to come up with a memorable dance.  They took what they learned in the studio and practiced at home

adding their own personalities to captivate everyone there. 

What makes this special is they will use what they learned in the group classes and

private lessons for every social affair they attend for years after their wedding day.


Why should couples take lessons before their wedding?

Learning to dance is less about memorizing steps and more about having the confidence to move to the music and enjoying the special moment of dancing with your spouse for the first time.  When couples make the effort to learn something together, the gift of time invested in each other goes a long way in bringing the couples even closer.

But I have two left feet, how hard is it to learn?

Cats and dogs have two left feet, people don't.  Learning any new skill is intimidating at first.  There are a few simple core movements that, when mastered allow anyone to move across the floor with poise and self-assurance.

When Should I Start My Lessons?

Most couples prefer to start their lessons three to six months before the wedding. This gives them enough time to get comfortable with what they are learning.  We’ve been able to work with couples who call us with only weeks to go but it is not recommended to wait that long.

What Kind Of Lessons Should We Take?

Couples take private lessons to work on their particular song they will be dancing to. Most couples also attend group classes which are designed to help the man become a better leader and the women to learn how to follow more easily.

What is the most effective way to start, with private lessons or group classes?

We have found that the couples who start off taking a class called Intro to Social Dance  and following it with up private lessons have the best overall results.  Not only do they learn the fundamentals of leading and following but they are prepared to dance a variety of dances on their wedding day.

How Many Lessons Do We Need?

Each couple has different abilities and goals for their dance. Most couples find that having at least  six lessons gives them a good head start. Choreographing a full routine will take much longer than a couple who simply want to gain some confidence before they have to dance in front of their family and friends.

Do we need to learn a choreographed routine?

No, most couples simply want to feel comfortable on the floor.  Our feeling is that you are dancing with your spouse for the first time and not performing for your guests.  We focus more on teaching you not just for your first dance, but for every social affair that you may attend throughout the duration of your marriage.


Are Dance Lessons Expensive?

Of all the things a couple will spend money on for their wedding, dance lessons will be one of the least expensive with the added value of being able to dance with your spouse years after the days’ festivities are over. An average couple will spend less on dance lessons than they would on a getaway weekend or a mid range cell phone or TV.